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IP Blog / Dennemeyer & Associates Brazil is "IP Law Firm of the Year 2016" in Latin America

Dennemeyer & Associates Brazil is "IP Law Firm of the Year 2016" in Latin America

Dennemeyer & Associates is proud to announce the selection of its Brazilian office in Rio de Janeiro, headed by Claudio Szabas, as "Intellectual Property Law Firm of the Year" in Latin America. The award was published in the 2016 Legal Awards issue of "Lawyer Monthly".

Dennemeyer & Associates "Best IP Law Firm 2016" in Latin America

In the 2016 issue of its "Legal Awards", Lawyer Monthly selected the Brazil branch of global IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates, headed by Claudio M. Szabas, as "Best IP Law Firm 2016" in Latin America. "We are particularly happy to receive the award as best IP Law Firm 2016 in Latin America," says Dr. Robert Fichter, Director of Luxembourg-based global IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates. "It was the combination of two things that made this achievement possible: Dennemeyer's global network of excellence for all IP-related services - and the long lasting experience and excellent reputation of Claudio Szabas who heads our office in Rio de Janeiro." Claudio Szabas adds: "I have been active in the IP industry for almost three decades now, always focussing on Latin America. But only through Dennemeyer's global network I have been able to offer this range of global IP services to my clients." 

Dennemeyer Brazil: Part of a global network

The office in Rio de Janeiro, backed by Dennemeyer’s experienced international teams, provides the full suite of IP legal services, customized to the particularities characterizing this region: patent searches, clearings and surveillances; legal and technical counsel to both plaintiffs and defendants involving patent cases; preparing and filing patent applications in all areas of technology in Brazil and abroad; conducting of grant procedures before the Brazilian Patent Office, including oppositions, appeals and administrative nullity procedures; trademark and industrial design applications; payment of annuities; license, know-how and other exploitation contracts.

About Claudio M. Szabas

Szabas is fluent in English, German, Portuguese and Spanish, and is an active and visible member of the international IP community by giving speeches at international IP conferences and contributing with articles in recognized journals.
Szabas is electronic engineer with strong background in industrial controls and he is active in the IP industry since 1990.

Areas of Expertise

  • Industrial controls
  • Environmental engineering
  • Mechanics
  • Physics
  • Software
  • Medical devices
  • Counseling Clean Tech Patent (Green Patent) Prosecution
  • Trademark and Industrial Design Prosecution

Notable legal work

Szabas, co-founder and former partner of ASPEBY-SZABAS Industrial Property, has over 25 years of professional experience in prosecution and maintenance of IP rights. With a technical background in industrial controls and electronic engineering by the Universidad Tecnológica Nacional of Argentina and IP related courses like Introduction into Genetic Technology and Protection of Microbiological Inventions in Germany, he is registered to practice with the Brazilian PTO (INPI) and with the IPEA’s to act on behalf of BR PCT applicants.
From 1971 to 1990, Szabas worked with the engineering department of AEG Telefunken, Siemens in Argentina and with Johnson Controls’ branch in Brazil, an automation consulting firm representing US control device manufacturers merging products, engineering services and innovative technology.
Since 1990 to date, he has represented foreign and Brazilian applicants before the Brazilian Patent Office, providing legal guidance in the obtainment of patents, trademarks and enforcement in Brazil and other Latin American countries.

Dennemeyer & Associates: A global player in IP

Luxembourg-based Dennemeyer & Associates maintains six offices in five European countries (Luxembourg, Germany, Poland, Romania, Croatia) and six further offices in non-European countries (United States of America, United Arab Emirates, Japan, Australia, Brazil, Russian Federation). As a pioneer in internationalizing strategic intellectual asset management, Dennemeyer & Associates specialized in the preparation and worldwide registration of patents, trademarks and designs. The IP law firm assist its clients in all steps of the prosecution phase of IP management and has built up a worldwide network of highly experienced patent and trademark professionals. Its international team of patent and trademark attorneys is admitted to practice before the Patent and Trademark Offices of several additional European and non-European jurisdictions (e.g. France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Great Britain, Switzerland, Austria, Italy, Benelux Office of Intellectual Property (BOIP), EUIPO, EPO, and New Zealand).

In addition to said services, clients also benefit from any other of the sophisticated IP products and services offered by the Dennemeyer Group: its 360° IP Consulting Services for streamlining strategic and operational IP activities worldwide, an interactive online IP portfolio management (especially designed for trademark renewals and patent annuities), and a flexible IP management software solution (DIAMS iQ) which is amongst the forerunners on the market.

Contact information:

Claudio M. Szabas
Dennemeyer & Associates Propriedade Intelectual Ltda.
Avenida Nilo Peçanha 50/1516
20020-906 Rio de Janeiro RJ
Phone: +55 21 2215 9550

For press enquiries please contact:

Sebastian Deck
Global Head of Marketing & Communications
Dennemeyer Group
Landaubogen 1-3
81373 Munich
mobile: +4915168814208

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