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IP Blog / Dennemeyer & Associates opens new office in Moscow

Dennemeyer & Associates opens new office in Moscow

Dennemeyer & Associates is pleased to announce the inauguration of its new office in Moscow. This branch office will assist Dennemeyer’s existing clients protect their IP rights in the Russian Federation and Eurasia and help establish Dennemeyer & Associates as law firm of choice for local corporations. Dennemeyer & Associates Russia offers state of the art Intellectual Property (IP) related legal services.

Dr. Robert Fichter, Director of Luxembourg-based international IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates S.A., states: “The Dennemeyer Group is the leading full service provider for the global IP industry, offering all IP-related services and software solutions as a one-stop shop. The international IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates delivers legal services around the world. We are pleased to serve our local and international clients even better through our new office in Moscow that helps them protect their IP rights in the Russian Federation and Eurasia - one of the few remaining white spots left on the Dennemeyer world map.”

Dennemeyer & Associates Russia is led by the Russian Trademark Attorney Valentin Ivanov supported by a strong team of qualified IP professionals. Valentin Ivanov is member of GRUR, INTA, ECTA and LES and speaks Russian, German, English and Spanish. He has been active in the IP industry since 1996 when he started working at the first post-Soviet IP firm. In 2013 he founded his own IP consulting firm, Vivamark IP Consulting LLC.

Valentin Ivanov: “I am looking forward with optimism to joining Dennemeyer & Associates - a world leader in IP. It is a great honor to represent Dennemeyer & Associates in the Russian Federation. This is a a huge market that offers exceptional possibilities for establishing and strengthening business connections between East and West.”

Please contact our new Moscow office:
Dennemeyer & Associates S.A.
Smolenskaya Square, 3
121099, Moscow
Phone: +7 495 995 90 60, +7 495 995 90 65
Fax: +7 495 995 90 61

For further information about Dennemeyer & Associates Russia please contact Valentin Ivanov.

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