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IP Blog / Dennemeyer & Associates S.A. – one of the 50 most trustworthy companies of the year 2018

Dennemeyer & Associates S.A. – one of the 50 most trustworthy companies of the year 2018

In 1962, John J. Dennemeyer founded a legal practice devoted exclusively to patent prosecution. Fast forward to 2018, and the Luxembourg based patent law firm has transformed into the world's largest IP law firm service providers, with offices on all continents. Its spectacular ascension is due, in part, to a succession of inventions in the patent and software arena, but mostly to the highly integrated Intellectual Property services, innovation and reasonable costs.  

Talking with “The Silicon Review,” Dr. Robert Fichter, Managing Director of Dennemeyer & Associates, puts the focus on the trials and tribulations of an IP law firm business and the company’s plans to stay ahead of the curve. “Traditional trade is shifting increasingly towards e-commerce, and the IP industry is only just beginning to scratch the surface. Digitalization will also have a huge impact on the management of Intellectual Property in the next few years. A company’s market assessment relies on up to 87% on intangible assets such as Intellectual Property and Industrial Property rights,” says Dr. Fichter in the interview. The relevant authorities across the world are struggling to keep pace with the increased volume of Intellectual Property right requests and, according to Dr. Robert Fichter, companies “have to adjust to the ever shorter cycles of innovation and file new patents and trademarks at higher speed and bigger volume.” 

To find out more about how Dennemeyer & Associates differentiates its services and what the future holds for the IP law firm company, read the full interview.

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