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IP Blog / Dennemeyer continuously supports local communities

Dennemeyer continuously supports local communities

8:30 am, Saturday. Sunny, and warm. 30 heroes assemble in the inner courtyard of Dennemeyer Romania. The spirits are high, and super powers fully charged. Perfect time to do some good!

On September 15, Dennemeyer Romania‘s young team of professionals was once again involved in a CSR activity. This time, the Dennemeyer Heroes participated in the worldwide campaign: “World Cleanup Day 2018,” national’s project: “Let’s do it, Romania!”. We realize that being active and continuously involved in local sustainability while also acknowledging individual contributions, is an essential step in supporting global environmental protection.

This initiative is not unique in Dennemeyer Romania’s history, as we are ardent supporters of the "Salvati Copiii" (Save the Children) association, and of "HOSPICE Casa Sperantei" Brasov. At the same time, we help support young talent and innovation such as the participation of the Romanian team Heosphoros at the NASA Ames Space Settlement Contest for space colonization competitors, or offering children with autism a better chance to integrate in today’s society.

Proving once more that working in a friendly place, with people that you care about, gives you superpowers, Dennemeyer does its best to support the local communities when the opportunity arises. 

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