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IP Blog / Dennemeyer donates over 15000 EUR to Doctors Without Borders

Dennemeyer donates over 15000 EUR to Doctors Without Borders

In December 2015 we pledged to donate 1 euro for every correct answer submitted in our IP Quiz. Thanks to the overwhelming response we received from players, we have made a donation totaling 15,427 euros to the German office of Doctors Without Borders.

The donated amount was handed over on January 12, in the presence of Dr. Reinhold Nowak, CEO of Dennemeyer IP Solutions, and Dr. Robert Fichter, director of Dennemeyer & Associates. Doctors Without Borders was represented by Andrea Stegmeir, who shared with us her first-hand experience helping those in need in Angola.

Doctors Without Borders is an international humanitarian organisation providing assistance to vulnerable communities, victims of natural disasters and armed conflicts. Every year Doctors Without Borders sends around 2,700 doctors, nurses, logisticians, water-and-sanitation experts, administrators and other professionals to work alongside approximately 31,000 locally hired staff. Together they run medical projects in more than 60 countries around the world.

The organisation spent 858 million euros on humanitarian activities in 2014; performing over 8 million outpatient consultations, aiding over 217 thousand severely malnourished children, and performing over 81,000 major surgical interventions.  Visit the organization’s web site to find out more about them and their areas of impact.

According to the organization’s records, the amount donated can be used for:

  • treating up to 7,500 children with meningitis, or
  • caring for up to 550 patients suffering for tuberculosis, or
  • supplying up to 150 HIV/AIDS patients with antiretroviral drugs for a year, or
  • vaccinating over 12,000 people against measles.

We are truly overwhelmed by the amazing response we received from our fellow industry professionals, and would like to thank everybody who played the IP Quiz over December.

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