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IP Blog / IP Expert Guide 2019: results from the first IP Trend Monitor study

IP Expert Guide 2019: results from the first IP Trend Monitor study

Last year, Dennemeyer Group and CTC Legal Media set up IP Trend Monitor, an online expert panel that includes professionals from all areas of Intellectual Property management and conducted a wide-ranging survey focusing on the impact of digitalization on the management of IP. The results show few frictions among respondents and an overall positive attitude toward digitalization. But, how exactly do the most important players expect the IP industry to change and how do they feel about it?

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Some of the answers and a preliminary analysis can be found in the recently published IP Expert Guide 2019. The core results of the study show that the IP industry is on an ascending trajectory, growing fast in all segments, and has China leading the way, closely followed by Europe (including Scandinavia) and USA/Canada, which rank on the second and third place.

IP Trend Monitor’s first study demonstrates that IP management is being affected by digitalization in a significant way and that all players are up to the challenge, fully embrac­ing it. But it shows some­thing else, too: that law firms are more open about outsourcing IP services, while corporations tread cautiously around this area.

Professionals from all areas of IP management and all countries are invited to download the study free of charge or register to take part in IP Trend Monitor’s future studies here.