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IP Blog / Octimine and Springer Professional kick-off PatentFit

Octimine and Springer Professional kick-off PatentFit

Dennemeyer Octimine is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with Springer Professional, the leading provider of scientific, technical and academic media for German-speaking countries, part of the Springer Nature Group. Both companies have released their new joint software solution PatentFit, which automatically links all of Springer Professional's English language technical literature with the patent world.

PatentFit aims to bridge the gap between research & development and IP. An AI-based search compares the nearly one million English language texts published on with 120 million patents worldwide. This partnership is the first time that engineers in research and development will be able to get access to an intuitive and easy to use web application to learn about the patent and technology landscape in different technical fields.

Various research studies show a significant part of written technical knowledge is first published in patents or can only be found in them. Until now, this knowledge was exclusively available for legal and IP specialists.

"Through the cooperation with Springer Professional, we now also offer the target group of engineers in research and development a powerful tool for intuitive, precise and fast patent analysis, which engineers can easily integrate into their workflow," says Dr. Michael Natterer, Managing Director of Dennemeyer Octimine GmbH.

Initially, members of the Octimine team approached Springer Nature to discuss how their patent database could link to Springer Nature's vast publications library. The two companies agreed on a strategic partnership in the second half of 2019. After only a few months of rapid development, Octimine and Springer Professional finalized PatentFit to allow seamless integration between Octimine's patent search engine (which is known for its flexibility with other platforms and software providers) and Springer Professional's numerous and high-quality scientific and technical journals.

"With PatentFit, we open up the knowledge treasure of 120 million patents to our technology-oriented users. In this way, we support them even more in their daily development work," says Stefanie Burgmaier, Managing Director of Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH.

PatentFit offers research and development engineers, especially non-patent experts, fast and intuitive access to the patent and technology landscape of their technical field. It supports the development of new ideas and provides first insights into state of the art as well as into the competitive environment. Since PatentFit is directly integrated into, engineers no longer need to change their routines or access complex expert tools.


About Dennemeyer Octimine
Dennemeyer Octimine GmbH is an innovative company in the field of IP management. Backed by an outstanding team of former Max Planck Institute and LMU Munich researchers, Octimine's solutions are innovative in the area of text and patent analysis. The self-developed AI-based text analytics and machine learning methods enable their customers to retrieve unique quality searches at record-breaking speed. In October 2018, the company was acquired by the Dennemeyer IP Group, one of the leading full-service providers in the IP industry.

About Springer Professional
Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH is part of the Springer Nature Group and the leading provider of traditional and digital specialist media in the areas of economics, science, engineering and social studies in the German-speaking world. Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH offers high-quality content in diverse media forms, ranging from books and e-books, magazines and e-magazine to digital libraries, databases, specialist websites and group events. For generations, students and professionals alike have relied on established textbooks and specialist literature from Springer Fachmedien Wiesbaden GmbH to help them master the challenges of their studies and professional practice.

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