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IP Blog / WIPR covers Dennemeyer’s global IP filings service

WIPR covers Dennemeyer’s global IP filings service

With offices on all continents, global patent filing and prosecution services and European patent validation services, Dennemeyer & Associates is the “one-stop-shop” to clients, no matter what or where a patent service is needed. Its attorneys can assist inventors by conducting comprehensive novelty checks and advising on protectable inventions, including in controversial areas such as artificial intelligence.

World Intellectual Property Review – a valuable reference guide for IP owners, legal counsels and investment bankers - recently published an exhaustive company profile of the IP law firm that highlights Dennemeyer’s services and the competences of its various international IP lawyers. What stands out is the extraordinary professional diversity of the group that offers a variety of administrative services, software and consulting around IP rights, but also includes a leading global IP law firm. 

The article covers topics like the European Patent Convention (EPC), European patent application and validation, PCT nationalization and offers information about how Dennemeyer & Associates’ team of patent attorneys can assist with all patent filing needs around the globe. 

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