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How sustainability will shape the future of patent management

€100B of EU budget to support sustainable investments (Green Deal Plan)
IP teams must be prepared to report on their IP activity and investments into technologies defined as "Sustainable Development."
83% of investors prefer to invest in sustainable SMEs
When making decisions, investors, business partners and clients are increasingly sensitive to your investments into sustainable goals.
200% growth in green patent filings over the last 10 years
Sustainability is growing as a parameter in the budgeting and evaluation of IP rights and needs to be considered in renewal decisions.
67% of customers are willing to spend more for sustainable products
Sustainable technology opens up exciting market opportunities but also introduces new challenges when it comes to competition.
Green patent label

Keep an eye on the "Green label" to easily identify
patents that rank highly for green technology

Uncovering a forest of green patents in Octimine

Find out at a glance which of your patents meet OECD criteria for sustainable innovation. Simply look for the green leaf. A comprehensive survey reveals how many sustainability-linked patents you own and how well you are doing versus your competitors. Lead the pack at the forefront of green innovation!

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More than meets the eye – dynamic insights

Even a small number of green patents can help you outperform the competition. The green ranking graphs let you break down and benchmark your portfolio within different industries. Spot licensing opportunities, areas for improvement and technological advantages with intuitive but penetrating visualizations.

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No stone unturned – reviewing subcategories

Once you have determined your performance versus competitors, you can dive deeper into the specific environmental impact of your patents. Technology and industry subcategories present you with a more granular analysis of your innovation efforts. Create your account now to identify your portfolio's core strengths through graphs and insights!

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Dennemeyer services and products are fully equipped for managing green patents 

Our DIAMS suite represents all facets of IP management.

Our powerful software solutions support you throughout the entire life cycle of your IP rights and grants you the opportunity to receive extensive sustainability reports.

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Keep an eye on industry trends and competitor activity with Octimine

Get AI-powered analysis of your green innovation activity. Compare your portfolio to industry expectations and receive valuable information about your competitors' patenting moves.

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Develop a green technology strategy with Dennemeyer IP Consulting

We empower you to extract the maximum potential from your patents and support you in working out a concrete plan for enacting your green IP strategy.

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