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Join our summer webinars!

Our summer series is discussing the impact of blockchain technology in IP, how to keep your recordal on track or how to apply lifetime learning in the management of IP.


Running the gauntlet: making wise patenting decisions

A patentee must walk the patent gauntlet at the early stages of the commercial game and decide where to seek patent protection. Strictly speaking, this decision should be based on market data and available budget, but things are not that simple.


EPO - change of fees and the rule on payment of 3rd annual fee

Starting with April 1, 2018, the European Patent Office has made a number of fee reductions for patent applications which will hopefully reinforce a more business friendly approach in support of innovation.


18 years of working with IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates – a client’s perspective

Best birthday wishes from Ehrlich & Fenster, Israel’s leading IP law firm and one of Dennemeyer & Associates' biggest clients and most valuable friends.

Corporate INTL – Who’s Who Adviser Handbook 2018

Claudio Szabas, Director at Dennemeyer & Associates Propriedade Intelectual Ltda., has been no…


Let us celebrate our 55th anniversary at INTA’s Annual Meeting 2018 in Seattle

Dennemeyer is getting ready to shine at INTA’s Annual Meeting 2018! Come and meet us at booth number 249, and let us discuss the portfolio of a global full-service provider.


The supply side of IP management: understanding firms' choices regarding IP intermediaries

A contribution to the IP literature by proposing a definition of the IP service provider and three hypotheses that determine the choice for outsourced IP work.

Douglas Santos de Oliveira launches a rocket for the first place

Congratulations to Douglas Santos de Oliveira, our colleague from Dennemeyer & Associates Braz…


Louis Who - a global perspective on counterfeiting and infringement

To the ordinary consumer, trademark-infringing and counterfeit goods are simply perceived to be “fake” because they look identical to an established product but, from a legal perspective, things are not that simple.


55 years of IP disruption – an homage from down under

A wonderful analysis of how Dennemeyer has become, over its 55 years of existence, one of the most powerful IP entities on the global market.


IP Trend Monitor, a trend setting expert panel for the IP industry

IP Trend Monitor, a survey panel created by the Dennemeyer Group and CTC Legal Media, announces the launch of its registration panel with the purpose of conducting regular surveys on megatrends in the IP industry.


IP Monetization or how to convert patents into a six figure success story

Dennemeyer’s IP Monetization service helped a company monetize a patent on an intelligent charging station for electric cars and transformed the business into a success story.