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IP Blog / IP Quiz 2019: Test your IP knowledge and support global reforestation!

IP Quiz 2019: Test your IP knowledge and support global reforestation!

This winter, prove your Intellectual Property know-how while helping Dennemeyer contribute to global reforestation! Each correct answer earns a €2 donation to environmental advocacy organizations around the globe, whom we have partnered with to aid efforts in protecting the world's ecosystem.

The holidays mean gifts galore, but one of the most meaningful ways you can exemplify the spirit of the season is to give back to the planet itself. At Dennemeyer, we believe wholeheartedly that the world's businesses must take on the mantle of sustainability-focused philanthropic efforts - which are the center of our 2019 winter IP Quiz! This time around, we are focusing on support for campaigns fighting the threat of climate change through a wide variety of reforestation activities all over the world. And we're calling on you to get involved and help us donate as much as possible.

All you have to do is play the game. Prove your knowledge of global Intellectual Property law and procedure at various levels, along with a handful of surprise trivia thrown in to make it interesting!

Correct answers to any of the quiz's questions will result in a donation of €2 from us to our partner organizations focused on global reforestation. You can raise the stakes and enter to win one of three recycling and sustainability product kits, as long as you register here!

Players have the option to choose their quiz difficulty:

  • Light snow: Five questions, devised for those with novice-to-moderate knowledge of the IP universe;
  • Winter storm: Double the difficulty with 10 questions!

Remember: You are on the clock for every question, so think quickly!

Anyone can play and help Dennemeyer donate to our partners in environmental advocacy, but only those who register can be eligible to make it to the final championship and win!

Join us in supporting reforestation this winter!

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