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IP Blog / WTR 1000: Dennemeyer lauded again for excellence in trademark management

WTR 1000: Dennemeyer lauded again for excellence in trademark management

The Dennemeyer Group is honored to be cited once again as a premier provider of Intellectual Property (IP) law and management services in the latest release of the World Trademark Review (WTR) 1000, the definitive summary highlighting the world's top trademark professionals.

In the 2022 edition, Dennemeyer was "Highly Recommended" for Renewals & Recordals and "Recommended" in the areas of Searching & Watching and Trademark Management.

The WTR research team received more than 1,400 submissions from firms and agencies looking to highlight themselves and their staff. To make the cut as a recommended organization amid a record-breaking level of participation makes the entire Dennemeyer team especially proud of the expertise and commitment to excellence exhibited by the personnel and offices that the WTR has recognized.

And just who are those remarkable individuals and offices? Olivier Lombardo, Head of Trademarks at Dennemeyer & Associates' Luxembourg office, earned praise from the WTR for the second consecutive year (and sixth overall) for "driving the practice forward" as a leading firm in Benelux. Olivier Lombardo spearheads the Luxembourg team with an approach equally reliant on comprehensive legal understanding and innovative technology. With substantial experience in the fashion, automotive and food manufacturing industries, Lombardo's "in-depth knowledge of trademark use translates into commercially sound, easily executable strategies," the WTR notes.

Equally worthy of recognition and cited in the WTR 1000 as a trademark expert for the sixth consecutive year is Tomislav Hadzija, Managing Director for Dennemeyer & Associates Croatia. Characterized by the WTR as a "knowledgeable and personable […] recognized authority on the Croatian market," Hadzija oversees foreign, domestic and regional trademark and patent prosecutions in Croatia and the West Balkan countries from the firm's Zagreb office. While exceptionally informed about the pharmaceutical sector, Tomislav Hadzija keeps himself and his team closely attuned to the latest trends across all industries and focused on cutting-edge IP management solutions to ensure consistently excellent service for all clients.

Dennemeyer & Associates Italy, through De Simone & Partners, was also heralded as one of the country's finest agencies servicing local and international clients. It is the "one-stop-shop" for those who need a firm that "deftly navigates the complexities of myriad industries," particularly the luxury goods, life sciences and food and beverage sectors. Massimo Cimoli, Head of Trademarks, was again praised for his hands-on strategies for IP value creation.

As the IP management industry continues to steadily recover from the global impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and more EU member states further align their laws with the Trademarks Directive (2015/2436/EU), elite professionals like Olivier Lombardo, Tomislav Hadzija, Massimo Cimoli and their teams endeavor to ensure clients' trademark portfolios remain fully protected. These leaders exemplify the qualities that extend across all Dennemeyer's offices and have cemented the firm's international reputation as a top-tier IP management and services provider.

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