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Working with Dennemeyer removes difficulty and unpredictability from the process of handling patent annuity payments. With more than five decades of experience, we know that the best solution is one that fits your organization's precise requirements based on the nature of your patents and the other unique needs of your business. Our service offers great flexibility in terms of data import, report layouts, invoicing and much more. By partnering with us, your organization gains access to our global reach, outstanding economies of scale, preferential rates, optimized workflows and the extensive bandwidth of support that only a full-service provider can offer. We are Dennemeyer — we are The IP Group.


Highest security

The Dennemeyer Group is a world leader in managing global patent renewal payments. Entrust this complex but vital task to us to ensure that your IP rights are in safe hands.


Free web app access

Review your patent portfolio, perform searches, obtain cost estimates, create custom portfolios and reports using the web app Portfolio Management at no additional cost. Payment instructions can be entered quickly and sent directly to our professionals, who will remand renewals and any required documentation to all appropriate agencies.


Flat and transparent costs

We offer competitive, flat service fees that include data entry and maintenance with plausibility checks, plus reporting and portal access for cost-efficient and transparent portfolio management. Cost forecasts are readily available through our portfolio portal.


Data transfer and validation

Numerous interfaces with IP docketing systems enable a fast and secure data transfer from almost any source, with plausibility checks performed to ensure data accuracy.

IP maintenance and patent renewals — accuracy is a requirement

Patent rights, once established, are not permanent. The protections they offer must be renewed regularly through the payment of patent annuities, also known as patent renewal fees. If unpaid, the patent lapses.

The intervals at which such payments must be made vary: In numerous jurisdictions, renewals are due annually starting several years from the date of patent filing — for example, one under Chinese law, three for EU member states and Brazil, four in Japan. The U.S. has a more complicated process, requiring renewal payments three, seven and 11 years from the date of filing for utility patents, but no renewals whatsoever for design patents. Most patents have a life expectancy of 20 years in most countries even if renewal payments are properly made; at that point, inventors must file entirely new patents if they aim to keep their IP adequately protected.

Global patent renewal payments managed by a reliable provider

As the only true full-service provider capable of protecting your IP rights all over the globe — and handling all other essential oversight responsibilities — Dennemeyer can be your ideal partner for the efficient management of your patent renewals. We offer great flexibility in terms of timely renewal notifications and filings, as well as data import, report layouts, invoicing and much more. Couple the renewal services with our comprehensive IP management software — DIAMS iQ — for even more robust oversight.

Bottom line: You will never have to worry about your patent renewal payments again! And do not neglect to take advantage of our many other service offerings, ranging from trademark filing and search software to IP strategy and consulting, to exercise complete sovereignty over your IP portfolio.

Talk to your Patent Renewals expert

Free your team from the administrative burden and high responsibility of patent renewal management. Achieve significant cost reductions and cost transparency, due to our economies of scale, and improve efficiency by taking advantage of our established workflows and IP expertise.

Romain Hoffmann
Dennemeyer — The IP Group

Patent protection and drafting

Benefit the most of your inventions by having professionals create your patent drafts.

Patent Prosecution

Are you faced with a case of opposition or a nullity action? We will handle all administrative and substantive office actions with the respective patent office.