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Taking advantage of the services of a well-established and experienced global IP Group such as Dennemeyer improves the chances for your company and products to get the most out of your trademarks. Our professionals are highly effective when searching through existing trademarks to avoid infringements with other companies’ IP rights. Should your selected sign closely resemble another, our team is ready to provide you with opinions on how to stake your claim and avoid trouble.


Availability search

Is your trademark available? Before filing a trademark, Dennemeyer & Associates assesses the risks of your sign facing objections by the office or third parties. Let us take necessary measures to avoid interfering with another brand – and the expensive consequences!


Global presence for global brands

Now that you have been creative, use Dennemeyer’s global network of experienced trademark lawyers to search for all parts of the world in which you want to use it.


Too much alike?

If our search shows that your trademark too closely resembles another already existing, Dennemeyer advises your marketing department on finding a viable solution.


No language barriers

English, French, German, Russian, Japanese, Portuguese, Romanian, Croatian, Polish… these are just a few of the languages that we cover.

Global brands and trademarks stay unique only when protected efficiently

If your brands must make a difference, prevent competitors from using them by protecting them as trademarks. Distinctive signs of your company or products will foster brand recognition. Conducting a prior trademark search and legal opinion with Dennemeyer support will help you avoid conflicts and prevent substantial damage to both your image and your wallet.

Find out more about search packages

Looking at all the trademarks registered worldwide can make you feel like everything has already been there before. With our global network of excellenct lawyers and decades of expertise we help you get protection for your distinctive sign and make sure you stake your claims in the brand world.

André Koch
Dennemeyer & Associates

Company name change or change of ownership

Recordals service is the fast and effective way to change company details or ownership of global Intellectual Property portfolios.

Trademark protection and trademark defense services

Always at the ready, Dennemeyer will defend your trademark application against office objections or claims.