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How patents can drive sustainability

Sustainability is rightly at the top of corporate and political agendas worldwide.


AI-generated images: Tech milestone, legal powderkeg … or both?

The explosion in the use of AI to create imagines brings up a host of questions related to IP rights.


Everyday IP: The history of podcasting (so far)

Podcasts have cemented themselves as a major medium in our digital age, becoming inextricably bound to the IP framework.


The final countdown to the Unitary Patent and UPC

At the European Patent Office (EPO), across the continent and further afield, patent specialists are gearing up for the launch of the Unitary Patent (UP) and Unified Patent Court (UPC) in 2023.


A feast of Thanksgiving IP

At first glance, Intellectual Property (IP) and the Thanksgiving holiday might not seem like the most obvious pairing.


Naughty or nice: a look at the month’s biggest IP wins and losses

From copyrights to trademarks to patents: a roundup of this month's news and trends from the world of Intellectual Property.


"Don’t copy that IP!" Pirated and counterfeit software

Understanding how pirated and counterfeit software differ is critical to knowing the best ways to protect the underlying IP.


Taking products at face value: trademarks and origin

A roundup of the biggest Intellectual Property (IP) stories from around the world.


IP Valuation: How to measure what you cannot see

In some cases, the worth of an organization's IP far exceeds that of its physical resources, property or other holdings.


Push vs. pull: patents and access to medicines

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought the issue of access to affordable medicines to the forefront of Intellectual Property (IP) debate in recent months.


Defensive publication or patent application: Which works best?

Choosing a defensive publication over the traditional patent application route makes sense under certain circumstances.


A chocolate bunny meltdown and other IP bites

A roundup of the biggest Intellectual Property (IP) stories from around the world.