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Big challenges for green trademarks

Firms keen to advertise their "eco" credentials through trademarks will need to tread lightly in terms of what the courts will permit.


Intellectual Property protection in Sub-Saharan Africa: progress and challenges

Despite facing political instability and infrastructure challenges, economies in Sub-Saharan Africa are on the rise.


® vs. ™: Which trademark symbol should I use and when?

Using the correct trademark symbol at the right time is crucial to protecting your brand identity.


Generative AI and the question of authorship

For the second chapter of this blog miniseries, we examine an issue that has already made considerable waves in the IP world — AI's potential (or lack thereof) for authorship.


New dawns in IP: stories from the frontier of innovation

The UPC is set to launch in Europe while legislators in the United States tackle the risks and opportunities of generative AI.


Can generative AI generate IP? The rise of ChatGPT

In this first chapter of a blog miniseries about generative AI and its implications for Intellectual Property, we begin with OpenAI's already-controversial model — ChatGPT.


Intangible witness - the Intellectual Property of forensics

When it comes to crime-solving tools, the full force of the patent system is available to protect the technologies protecting the public.


Everyday IP: The big picture of the small screen - innovations behind television

Television, still arguably the principal medium for home entertainment, owes its dominance to several notable innovators — and more than a few IP disputes.


Women in IP — leaders of change and innovation

The contributions of women to the world of IP are as varied and multitudinous as the pioneers themselves. We celebrate a selection of these achievements.


AI-Pocalypse now? IP news from the edge of innovation

The inexorable march of artificial intelligence (AI) and emerging technology (ET) has well and truly reached the world of Intellectual Property (IP).


IP and social media: A complicated relationship

Social media assets can be a valuable part of your organization's IP portfolio — but you must protect them carefully and avoid infringing on others' trademarked or copyrighted material.


Licensing regimes under the UPC: What will change?

The opening of the Unified Patent Court (UPC) on June 1, 2023, raises questions about potential changes to existing licensing regimes.