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Keeping IP under lock and key

This month's Intellectual Property (IP) news highlights the importance and challenges of protecting core patents, trademarks and trade secrets.


IP takes flight: inventing the future of aviation

Discover some sustainable innovations that promise to make air travel more environmentally friendly for future generations.


What does "patent pending" mean (and can it protect inventions)?

Using the term "patent pending" signals that an invention is currently seeking patent office approval, but its actual legal weight is not always as obvious.


Cleaning the world's oceans – one patent at a time

Take a closer look at some remarkable inventions helping to clean up our world's oceans and waterways.


Everyday IP: The history of sneakers

Sneakers represent much more than a type of footwear. They have a massive global cultural impact — and major significance in the world of IP.


The ins and outs of IP licensing

Determine the most effective ways to leverage value from your intangible assets through IP licensing.


Every dog has his day (in court)

A roundup of the biggest Intellectual Property (IP) stories and trends from around the world.


Picture this! Creative Commons and image licensing

Image licensing is part and parcel of web content. But doing it wrong — or not at all — is one of the easiest ways to violate Intellectual Property rights.


How do you create a winning brand protection strategy?

A comprehensive brand protection strategy is essential for any organization seeking to safeguard trademarks and other IP assets that define it in the market.


The deep blue of Intellectual Property

How does patent protection work on ships and the high seas?


Wacky Christmas and New Year's inventions

Join us for a feast of festive IP to carry you into 2023 and beyond!


How patents can drive sustainability

Sustainability is rightly at the top of corporate and political agendas worldwide.