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IP Blog / Dennemeyer & Associates opens IP law firm in  Paris

Dennemeyer & Associates opens IP law firm in  Paris

International IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates has opened a new office in Paris. The expansion was set up in collaboration with Frédéric Blanc, a highly qualified Trademark and Design Attorney with an extensive experience in IP, especially in counterfeits. Dennemeyer & Associates France offers cutting edge Intellectual Property related legal services.

Dr. Robert Fichter, Director of Luxembourg-based global IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates, states: “In order to increase our presence in France, we are pleased to announce the opening of Dennemeyer & Associates - our IP law firm - right next door to Dennemeyer's existing office in Paris. We offer the whole bundle of IP legal services to the French market including  Trademark and Design Filing and Prosecution as well as anti-counterfeiting and litigation support with in-depth knowledge of worldwide markets and proceedings. As a single point of contact to the French market, our French colleagues also manage EP Validations, PCT Nationalizations, IP Recordals and all other Dennemeyer IP services through our network of own offices and carefully selected local associates. Further expansion plans will follow in 2018!”

This development places Dennemeyer Group in a unique position as the only specialized IP law firm and service provider with offices in more than 20 countries, on all continents. The Dennemeyer & Associates office in France is led by the French and European Trademark and Design Attorney Frédéric Blanc supported by a strong team of qualified IP professionals.

Frédéric Blanc says: “I am excited to be joining Dennemeyer & Associates in strengthening the existing IP solution business in France. In addition to the other IP law firm offices worldwide, this expansion gives Dennemeyer a strong competitive advantage on the French legal market as well. We look forward to opportunities where we can provide our future clients with the support and superior products that Dennemeyer has become known for over the past 55 years.”

For further information about Dennemeyer & Associates France, please contact Frédéric Blanc.

Please contact our new Paris office:
Dennemeyer & Associates
23, Rue Clapeyron, 75008 Paris, France
Phone:     +33 1 53 01 94 54

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