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IP Blog / Guillaume Ouvrieu rejoint Dennemeyer France en tant que directeur général

Guillaume Ouvrieu rejoint Dennemeyer France en tant que directeur général

France has a strong history of trademarks protection and is Europe’s second country for patent application. Since 2016, the number of applications started to increase again in France, and with regards to EPO validation, the demand raised by 10% over the last 10 years.

The Dennemeyer Group, a leading full-service provider for the global management of Intellectual Property rights with an integrated law firm and an IP consultancy, has taken another important step to participate in that growth. Dennemeyer & CIE SARL has hired Guillaume Ouvrieu as the new Managing Director to show more local presence on the French IP market. "Our IP Solution branch in Paris opened in 1997 and is one of Dennemeyer’s first outside the Luxembourg home market," says Dr. Reinhold Nowak, CEO of the Dennemeyer Group. "Guillaume Ouvrieu will further drive our business activities in France and develop new customer segments." 

Tobias Diebold, Chief Commercial Officer of the Dennemeyer Group, ads: "This perfectly fits our strategy – global growth through local presence and local service. Guillaume Ouvrieu is the right experienced senior executive to significantly increase the awareness of the full range of our IP services and strengthen the direct contact with our clients in France."
Guillaume Ouvrieu says: "France might be an established market for the Dennemeyer Group, but it still offers a lot of opportunities, especially in the area of administrative services and consulting services. Besides that, I will work closely together with the Director of the French IP law firm Dennemeyer & Associates and its Director, Frederic Blanc, to drive also the sales of IP law firm services." In this context, we will increase the sales team in France massively to better support our French clients in their local language. Ouvrieu: "Our IP management software DIAMS iQ is well established in the French market. Now is the right time to create more awareness for the fact that this is the perfect platform for our administrative services such as Patent Annuity Payments, Recordals or Docketing." 


Ouvrieu has worked for more than ten years as Finance Director in the software industry in France and Japan. He has extensive experience working for global organizations, mainly in the IT industry, and recently as the Finance Director of Software AG in France and Italy. He holds an MBA from McGill University and a Master’s in Management from l'Ecole Supérieure de Commerce de Poitiers. He also is an external lecturer at French business school ESSEC, teaching "Leadership and Management."

For further information, please contact:

Guillaume Ouvrieu
Director Dennemeyer & CIE (France) SARL
23, Rue Clapeyron, 75008 Paris
Phone: +33 1 530194-56

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