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The whole world of Intellectual Property

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Our benchmarking gives a proper estimate on IP value, market position and improvement.

Data Verification

Make sure that the data used to manage your IP is correct. We combine fast electronic processing with a human touch.

DIAMS classic

A true classic in the field of Intellectual Property management software.


Particularly crucial for patent law firms, docketing can be overwhelming even for the most experienced operator.

IP Audit

A periodic and systematic review of IP assets is mandatory for any company to maximize its profits.

IP Consulting

Discover new ways to drive your IPRs into high gear with Dennemeyer Consulting services.

IP Intelligence

It’s hard to be a front runner when you can’t see what’s going on around you.

IP Strategy

The first step of any long journey requires direction.


A change in ownership or company name is a complex task that requires expertise of local requirements.


“Experience makes a good teacher,” the saying goes. Benefit from more than 55 years of experience in IP.