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Unitary Patent & UPC

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Get the most out of the new European patent system.
Obtain one of the first pan-European patents or opt-out from the UPC.

IP Law Firm

Global provider of IP protection

Dennemeyer & Associates is a full-service legal practice specializing in all aspects of Intellectual Property law. We provide the best possible enforcement of clients’ IP rights.

Freedom to Operate Searches

Let the experts at Dennemeyer conduct FTO searches that will ascertain the originality and commercial viability of your IP and prevent you from wasting creative time and resources.

Patent Searches & Opinions

Before deciding to get your invention drafted and filed, do a patent search and get an opinion from an experienced patent attorney.


At Dennemeyer, we have developed a notably secure and easy procedure for recording changes in patent registers, which saves costs and reduces risks. Our IP attorneys are experts in all local requirements and have streamlined workflows.

Supplementary Protection Certificates (SPC)

Our highly qualified patent attorneys can advise with the best SPC filing strategy to secure the longest possible protection for your patented products.

Working Statements

Dennemeyer can support you with filing these working statements, so you do not need to worry about the bureaucracy. Our service also includes a plausibility check of your statements to avoid the patent becoming unenforceable.

Renewals and annuity payments
Explore Patent Renewals

Patent rights, once established, are not permanent. The protection they offer must be renewed regularly through the payment of patent annuities, also known as patent renewal fees. If unpaid, the patent lapses. Entrust this complex but vital task to us to ensure that your IP rights are in safe hands.